“Successful Project Management” Review: A Comprehensive Guide for Practitioners and Students

Successful Project Management
7th edition

  • Authors: Jack Gido, Jim Clements, Rose Baker
  • Published: 2017
  • 552 pages

Content & Review

Successful Project Management – a best seller book today at its 7th edition – is a resource to anyone, complete beginners included, who wants to level up their project management skills. From project planning to cost management, from scheduling to communication skills, the book covers any phase of the organization and management of project teams.

The book is divided into 13 chapters with a first chapter that can be considered as an opening foundation chapter and the remaining twelve gathered in three parts. Each chapter aligns with the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), the standard collection of processes, practices, terminologies, and guidelines concerning project management. This is very helpful: you’ll be able to align the skills you’re learning with the ones accepted as standards within the project management industry.

Furthermore, each chapter relevant and real-world examples to reinforce the concepts discussed, graphics and templates, exercises and other useful tools. At the beginning of every chapter, you’ll also find the relative learning outcomes: the outcomes that you should be able to accomplish after studying the material.

The first chapter covers the foundation concepts of project management. You can learn here all the terms and language that will allow you to understand the definition of a project and its attributes. This part is fundamental to comprehend project management and the following chapters of the book.

PART 1 includes two chapters and discusses how to identify and select projects, how they can be authorized and outsourced, and how to develop project proposals.

PART 2 is entitled “Planning, Performing, and controlling the project” and covers project management techniques and tools. It includes six chapters.

Finally, the last four chapters constitute PART 3 which mainly focuses on communication, documentation and personal skills.

The 7th Edition of Successful Project Management provides a support package for both instructors and students. The support tools are:

  • a Test Bank: exercises (true/false, multiple-choice, problem-solving, and more) for each chapter;
  • Cognero, an online version of the test bank
  • the Instructor Companion Site: PowerPoint slides, links, and other resources available online that can help the instructor guide their students.
  • the Student Companion Site: PowerPoint slides, exercises, a glossary, and other resources that the students can find online for free.



  • The book provides standard knowledge about Project Management
  • Chapters are aligned with PMBOK
  • Suitable for grad school courses
  • Well-organized chapters: from foundation concepts to advanced skills
  • Access to a lot of additional resources available online
  • Both the book and the additional resources are helpful to the student and the instructor as well


  • A Kindle version is available but it has some compatibility issues: it isn’t available on the older Kindle devices
  • As each new edition is published, you can no longer have access to web resources. For example, now that the 7th edition is out, those who own the 6th can’t access the online resources.

Final Verdict

Successful Project Management draws a precise path through the comprehension of project management. As a student/reader, you’ll be provided with all the tools to learn the project management skills accepted as standards and then verify your knowledge.